Our History


David started his first firm, Catalyst Communications, in 1992 in Portland, Oregon. It focused on large organizational change projects and David’s teaching in two graduate management programs. What made David’s change work unique was his ability to work with both the systemic complexities of change and the personal dynamics of transitions. Many of his projects involved helping organizations account for people’s needs (both providers and users) amid IT projects so each would succeed.

David hosted the first gathering of coaches in Oregon at his home in 1997, and thousands of workshop participants later, his love of coaching continues. David completed his PhD in Human and Organizational Systems in 2003, and began to write and present on his doctoral research and growing passion for working with narratives. David left Oregon in 2006 and launched Center for Narrative Coaching + Leadership to provide programs and services based in his growing expertise in transformative narrative practices.

David launched Moment Institute in 2017 ...

David moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014 after four years in Sydney, Australia. He has partners in Sydney and Amsterdam as well as a faculty role with Duke CE. While he continues to write and speak on his body of work, he is increasingly seeking collaborative opportunities to address larger issues.