Introduction to Narrative Coaching

Meet David Drake

Dr. David B Drake

Dr. David B Drake

Dr. David Drake is the founder of Moment Institute. As a master coach, mentor and thought leader in the human potential community, his work has touched thousands who wish to shape and create their stories. As an organizational consultant, he brings his framework to organizations seeking to transform and write new stories on the path to success.

A prolific author, David's latest book, Narrative Coaching: Bringing New Stories to Life, was published in the fall of 2015.

David has started a global community of practitioners to bring this work to the world in new ways, and fulfill his vision of a better world through the integration of story with practice.


What is Narrative Coaching?

There are six narrative coaching principles:

  • Trust that everything you need is right in front of you.

  • Be fully present to what IS without judgment.

  • Speak only when you can improve on silence.

  • Focus on generating experiences not explanations.

  • Work directly with the narrative elements in the field.

  • Stand at the threshold when a new story is emerging.

Narrative Coaching Overview

Watch this short (less than 2 minutes) video of Dr. David Drake introducing Narrative Coaching.