Narrative Coaching FAQ

How Is NC different from NT?

Narrative coaching shares some of the same sources and commitments as narrative therapy. Narrative coaching is also distinct as its own body of work because it:

  • addresses preverbal attachment issues using archetypal and somatic practices,
  • draws more from multiple disciplines in the social sciences and beyond,
  • accesses the personal and collective unconscious using transpersonal means,
  • uses rites of passage framework as a systemic approach to transitions and change,
  • pays more attention to the nuances of and points of leverage in narrative structure,
  • focuses more on accountability for desired narratives and less on dominant narratives,
  • relies more on the role of silence, presence, and the field to support change,
  • attends to issues of power through a lens of emergence more than justice, and
  • uses directive energies judiciously in service of a more overt focus on outcomes.

What level of coaching skills do I need to have?

It is helpful to have at least a moderate of experience with coaching or related practices. However, what is perhaps even more important is the maturity to be vulnerable and (un-)learn, a keen curiosity, a willingness to work experientially, a reasonable comfort with silence and candor, and an openness to coach and be coached by peers using non-traditional means.

What kind of people join the community?

Our community currently consists of coaches, coaching psychologists and therapists, and healthcare practitioners. However, our vision is to open our community to all practitioners and professionals seeking new ways to develop themselves and their impact in the world. In the end, it is less about “coaching” and more about the change you can affect with people as fellow humans.

What is it like to experience Threshold Retreats?

We like to think of our retreats as "serious play". Play because much of what we do is highly animated and experiential; and serious because in the process significant issues emerge from the stories and are resolved. If you walk by a Retreat in process you would see both movement and stillness, both laughter and tears. You would see a highly engaged group as a result of the strong focus on creating a learning community driven by peer learning. We run Retreats as if they are collective coaching sessions and model what we teach from start to finish. They are facilitated to hold space for the group and offer micro-interventions to deepen the learning for individuals when the time is right.

Can I get certified in this work?

Yes. Our certification program, hosted by our partner WBECS, will be available in 2020. For more updates on certification please visit our Community Announcements at

How can I Get Support After I Have Finished A Threshold Retreat?

Please visit our main site for more details about membership programs: